With Summer officially over, it’s autumn now in Australia. This means leaves are falling and your gutters are starting to fill up with all that debris fast. Here are 7 easy steps for gutter cleaning and working gutters on your house.

On the other hand, maybe they’re already overflowing with years of accumulated gunk!

In the southern cooler states like Victoria, Tasmania and parts of New South Wales, European trees will seasonally drop their leaves at this time of year and although it’s attractive; they’re a big problem for your gutters.

Additionally, native Australian trees drop their leaves progressively all year. Many also annually shred their whole bark; and if they over-hang your roof; look-out!

All this leaf dropping and green litter will buid-up in your gutters, and can be problematic to your gutter system on your home, so it is widely recommended to clean your gutters. How often you should clean your gutters, depends on where in Australia you live.

However, no matter your location; clean gutters are working gutters!

Why should you keep your gutters clean?

Gutters catch rainwater, leaves, bark, twigs, insects, and potentially anything else that falls on your roof.

Normally, the rainwater would wash away small debris but larger items can get stuck to the guttering or in the down-pipe.

If left alone, it builds up.

Why is this a problem?

Firstly, blocked downpipes and overflowing gutters can lead to water getting into your roof then your ceiling cavities.

Secondly, water in clogged gutters will flow over the gutter edge to pool on the ground putting your building foundations at risk.

Finally, if you ignore gutter cleaning, what was a routine, inexpensive task can become a major, expensive task.

Search A Tradie - Gutter CleaningLet’s face it, it might not be your idea of a fun weekend but cleaning your gutters has many benefits.

Alternatively, if your gutters haven’t been cleaned for a while, go to Search A Tradie to find a gutter cleaning service near you and by the end of the weekend you’ll have cleaner and safer gutters.

Follow these 7 steps to keep your gutters clean:

1. Organise your tools:

  • A solid, extendable ladder with wide feet: Any surface it stands on must be flat and stable. Gravel, tanbark, garden stones or rocks are unstable. You can buy a ladder stabiliser from good hardware stores. It’s a good idea to have another person hold the ladder. Falls from ladders can cause severe damage!
  • Large tarp on the ground so you can safely drop the gunk: Don’t carry a bucket up the ladder!
  • Plastic scoop: Make your own by cutting a large plastic bottle diagonally about halfway up. Plastic won’t scratch your gutters. Cut plastic bottles have sharp edges!
  • Hose
  • Outdoor gloves
  • Goggles
  • Facemask
  • Outdoor boots
  • Be fit enough to climb up and down, balance and stretch!

2. Start with the accumulated gunk

Scrape and scoop the gunk and drop on your tarp.

3. Use a large tarp

Using a tarp means you can scoop and drop safely. A bucket filling with gunk becomes harder to balance. Move the tarp as you move the ladder.

4. Hose the gutters

For a big clean-up, hosing down the gutters will get rid of gunk you missed. If a maintenance clean, a sweep will do and let the next rain wash the remainder away.

5. Check for cracks and leaks

Now your gutters are clean, check for any damage. After your efforts, the last thing you want is a leak.

6. Repair any issues

Fix any damage. Don’t be tempted to postpone it because it’ll get worse!

If you wanted, now would be an ideal time to install gutter guards.

7. Repeat a couple of times a year.


Mainly because clean gutters are working gutters. They allow water to flow through and away from roofing and foundations. Clogged gutters don’t work, and they’re dangerous. Gutters full of dry materials are a potential fire risk. They can easily ignite if an ember hits them. Embers can travel many kilometers from an actual fire in windy conditions, however your backyard fire pit also has embers.

Check your environment and decide how often you should clean your gutters.

If it all feels too much and you’d rather put your feet up and watch the footy, let Search A Tradie help. After the footy you can read lots of useful articles here, on everything relating to keeping your house and garden in tip top condition.