Having your company listed on a local business guide is a valuable tool for potential leads.

A local tradesmen directory not only provides potential leads but better increases your visibility on the web.

What could be better then potential leads and web visibility?

Listing your business on Search a Tradie is easy! Simply complete the form below to list your tradesman business or service. There are two types of listing available on our local business guide, a Basic and a Premium. Search a Tradie will reply with in 24 hours to register your business, sign up today!

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Basic Member (free)

– Indexed Google page listing. (What does this mean?)
– Business description with business name
– Business email (this will be displayed on page)
– Business phone
– One Service Area
– One Service Category
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No Ads on Premium listing
Highlighted on categories and locations pages
– Indexed Google page listing (What does this mean?)
– Business description with business name
– Company logo
– Business phone
– Business email
– Business website link
– Location address and Interactive Google Map
– Multiple Service Areas
– Multiple Service Categories.
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