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Phone: 0418329309

Email: [email protected]


ABN Verified | Search a TradieABN: 67700479955

Business Description:

Able Reblocking Specialists are an experienced home renovation service provider in Melbourne, Victoria and have been offering restumping and reblocking services to the residents of Melbourne since 1995. We have a vast client base and vouch for the exceptional quality of service that we offer. We cater to the needs of our customers by offering an extensive range of services i.e. house levelling, reblocking along with sub floor and timber repairs. We are competent and registered to handle both domestic and commercial projects.

We are driven by the passion to excel and are committed to offering outstanding service providing years of experience and expertise. Our service will provide peace of mind that you are in good hands. We arrange the building permit as required by the Building Act 1993, No 126 of 1993; Part 3 – Building Permits and offer a ten year guarantee and also have Contract Works and Public Liability Insurance of $10,000,000. We are a part of the Housing Industry Association (HIA), Master Builders Association (MBAV) and registered with Building Practitioners Board and registered for jobs in excess of $16,000.

When you entrust your foundation work to us you can be assured in the knowledge that you have engaged one of the best restumping company’s in the industry.

  • We provide a professional service at a competetive price.
  • We are registered for Domestic and Commercial projects
  • Domestic Builder -DB_L22211 Commercial Builder CB-L 41072
  • We offer a 10 years guarantee and carry Public Liability Insurance of $10,000,000
  • We are registered for works over $16,000.00
  • We organise the building permits.
Location: Melbourne,

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