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Phone: 0416 226 631

Email: [email protected]

ABN Verified | Search a TradieABN: 24071860654

Business Description:

Express Car Keys are specialists in automotive key technology. We can supply, cut and program keys and remotes on site at your location, seven days a week, anywhere on the Gold Coast. We’re a locally owned business to support our community. Our friendly staff all have the best professional training and experience. Our vehicles are equipped with the very latest key cutting and programming technology.
Services include:

  • Opening locked vehicles
  • Transponder key and remote replacement
  • Replacement of lost keys or duplication of existing keys
  • All vehicle lock repairs
  • Re-coding and repairing ignitions
  • E.C.U resetting or flashing
  • 4 track keys to suit most Australian and European vehicles “Because we specialise in transponder key technology we can help you avoid significant costs and hassles towing the vehicle to a dealership”
Location: Gold Coast,

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