Search a Tradie is Australia’s local tradesman business directory. Many people use Search a Tradie from all over Australia; from Sydney to Perth, Adelaide to Darwin; even Melbourne to Brisbane; and everywhere in-between!

Search a Tradie offers a premium Member listing; which has include benefits and features over and above the free listing. These features allow the potential reach of your listing to go further.

Premium Member listings are only $5 a year.

Yup. $5 a year. Why so cheap? Well, we believe that you shouldn’t have to pay through your teeth for such services. Other sites may charge you 4 or 5 times this…

Premium Member

– No Ads on Premium listing
– Highlighted on categories and locations pages
– Indexed Google page listing (What does this mean?)
– Business description with business name
– Company logo
– Business phone
– Business email
– Business website link
– Location address and Interactive Google Map
– Multiple Service Areas
– Multiple Service Categories
– Posted to our Facebook page
– Tweeted to our Twitter network
– Posted to our Google+ network

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