Having your company listed on a local business guide is a valuable tool for potential leads.

A local tradesmen directory not only provides potential leads but better increases your visibility on the web.

What could be better then potential leads and web visibility? $5.00 annual yearly listing!

Listing your business on Search a Tradie is easy! Simply complete the form below to list your tradesman business or service. There are two types of listing available on our local business guide, a Basic and a Premium. Search a Tradie will reply with in 24 hours to register your business, sign up today!

Basic Member ($1.00 per year)

– Indexed Google page listing. (What does this mean?)
– Business description with business name
– Business phone
– One Service Area
– One Service Category
$1.00 Basic Member

Premium Member ($2.00 starter price)

– 1st year is special price $2.00 and then only $5.00 per year.
– Indexed Google page listing (What does this mean?)
– Business description with business name
– Company Logo
– Business phone
– Business email
– Business website link
– Location address and Interactive Google Map
– Multiple Service Areas
– Multiple Service Categories.
– Posted to our Facebook page. (Why does this help?)
– Tweeted to our Twitter network. (Why does this help?)
– Posted to our Google+ network. (Why does this help?)
More leads and views than basic listings.
No advertisements on your listing.
$5.00 Pro Member