When it comes to online marketing, social media has become a huge force of its own for business. A business without a social page or presence… is simply missing out.

There are many ways social media can be utilised to help business grow. One is simply using paid advertising, leveraging the power of social network members (Facebook has 1.79 billion members & Twitter has 317 million members) to generate sales leads for your business.

This is obvious and used correctly can be a very powerful tool, but also expensive.

When creating adverts you are paying a Cost Per Click (CPC) rate for each user that clicks on your adverts. More often than not, these rates will change over the course of your advert timeline and also be anywhere from $1-2 dollars per click. Depending on how your daily budget is for your adverts the campaign may only generate a few leads.

So what if your business is on a budget, and wants a long term ROI…?

Well, here are 2 simple cost-effective ways a business can help its growth.

1. Harness an established social media network community

This is easy, just join related groups, pages, communities or lists (depending on what network) for various social media networks. All major social players have communities that can easily grow your business, by connecting like minded people together. Through this method, you can connect and find potential customers for your business. Customers will even find you too.

2. Create content to generate sales leads and enquiries

Once you have joined a few groups, communities or pages; you should be active member of those networks. Just 1 or 2 posts a month can actively increase your social reach for potential customers.

Creating this content you should have a sales strategy in mind, i.e. if a potential customer contacts me how will I sell my product or service.

I don’t have the time…

We’ve all heard this before, and for good reason. Running a business takes huge amount of effort and TIME. Even the most organised person in the world, will still have things they need to do for their business at the end of their day.

Simply put… there just isn’t enough hours in the day.

As part of joining Search a Tradie, paid members get posted to all our social media networks, forever. It’s not a CPC advert campaign but a social presence feature as part of your member listing, that we create for you.

How many other tradesman directory member sites do that?

To access this beneficial feature and many more for paid members, become a Search a Tradie member today.