Ever thought to start a small business? 

The thought can dream up emotions of “freedom of time”, “being your own boss”, “un-tapped earning potential”, and more. However, for most people wanting to know how to start a small business, the thought of where to start is the hardest first step to take.

In this article, Search a Tradie lists the best, easiest 10 ideas to start a small business in Australia.

Starting a small business has many daunting factors, and it’s important to understand what lies ahead for the business you have chosen to start a company in.

Some industries are defiantly easier to break into than others, and some businesses are easier to start a small business in than others. All business have some level skill involved initially, after all the business needs to be an expert in what they do. 

As with any business, you’d need to register your business, along with purchase business insurance and take the other necessary steps to setting up a business professionally.

Start a small business ideas:

1. Become a Cleaner

Make it sparkle and shine.

A cleaning business can be considered an easy to break into market to start a small business in, though do not underestimate the competition of this industry. The low startup investment needed to start a cleaning business means theres more people doing it, though that being said, there are businesses making good money that started a cleaning business with next to little.

A cleaning business starting out should offer a few, select services to begin with. You want to focus on what your business can realistically achieve when just beginning. When your business starts to grow, you can branch into other areas of cleaning that might have higher upfront costs. Offering lower level skilled services means, the need for specialist training or high-tech machinery isn’t needed initially to become a cleaner.

2. Start a Lawn Mowing Business

Neat and tidy lawns your thing?

Another business with low-capital investment; if you have a lawn mower and a ute; your pretty much good to go to start a lawn mowing business.

Of course, you’d most likely want to have a few more tools at your disposal to be effective in the lawn mowing industry when starting than only a lawn mower and ute, but if you are not afraid of hard work and have the basics, starting a lawn mowing business can be a good business to start.

As with many business, you should consider including into your pricing the costs of expenses to serve your clients. Think, “How much should I charge for my services?” And, “Does this include all expenses involved?”. Though maybe not obvious, but any expenses necessary to full fill your clients services, like petrol, and service costs to your lawn mower; would need to be factored into your pricing for your services.

3. Be a Handyman

Are you handy, man?

If you can put together some furniture, hang a picture or change a washer to a tap; why not become a handyman?

Many people will goto a specialist for more selected services, so a handyman will want to think of services that are easily accessible without too much training. A lot of people nowadays need an odd job done around the house, and will find it more convenient to hire a handy man to do it, than do it themselves.

With many business directories listing handyman services, it has never been easier to advertise your services and for people to find a handyman in Australia.

4. Clean Windows

So clean… where is the window?

Clean windows look great, and they improve the look of your home too.

A window cleaner business can get started for very little investment, and only needs a few bits of equipment; like a squeegee, a high-grade window cleaning soap, a sponge, some buckets, a pole to reach higher places or a ladder; and a good work ethic.

There’s good money to be made too; window cleaners can expect to earn from $50 to $100 an hour, with households in Australia getting there windows professionally cleaned at least 2-3 times per year.

5. Landscaping business

Enjoy the outdoors?

With the rise of the suburb, so too came the need to landscape that great outdoor space around one’s home. The demand nowadays is as big as ever.

Make no mistake, landscaping is more than only Lawn Mowing; offering a range of services from basic gardening to full-on garden overhauls. If you started with a Lawn Mowing business, a Landscaping business could be a logical business expansion for your company. Some of the typical services you may offer would be, landscape architecture, lawn care, weed and pest control, and interior landscaping.

Landscaping business put the icing on the cake so to speak of someones home. And with good demand for new housing in Australia, Landscapers will come by work easily; though as all business starting out need to advertise for customers. Business just starting should always invest in their brand by getting a logo professionally design, along with business cards, pamphlets and a basic website to get started.

6. A Removalist

Got the muscle for moving stuff?

Be prepaid to travel with this one… and lift a fridge or too. They say, moving house is one of the most stressful experiences a person can have. If you are the type of person who shows that bit of extra care and can focus on small detail; along with lifting heavy things; being a Removalist is for you.

Initial startup cost for this business are a bit more than others, as you will need a fairly good sized truck to transport peoples furniture from A to B. Also, removalist will need a truck drivers license in a lot of cases, however some smaller trucks can be driven on a car license.

7. Pest Control

Tame those pesky critters.

Everybody likes to keep pest out of their homes. Some critters will actually cause damage to have in the family home; so why not hire a pest control company to deal with them?

As with some new business ventures; you will need to obtain some licenses to start a pest control company in Australia. That being said, you may not need all licenses as it will depends on what type of services you offer. You will also need to take some care around health and safety, making sure you get the right equipment to get started. Pest controllers often deal with toxic or poisonous materials; so having the right equipment for this business idea is important.

8. Car Detailer

Make it shine so you can see your face!

Theres nothing better than a shiny car cruising down the highway, and to start making cars shine is easy. A car detailer, is a bit more than washing a car; but even so is easy to start a small business in. A car detailer will wash, clean, wax and vacuum inside of your car as basic services. For a bit more dollars, services like, paint protection, showroom finish, and even leather care for the car interior are common services.

A car detailer is a job young entrepreneurs can start easily around their neighbourhood. A great way to build your customer base is to offer services for free to begin with; and ask for testimonials. This way you will have real customers speaking highly of your services, and can show off your past work to potential new customers.

9. Property Management

Own your space; managed professionally.

Investors are savvy people; and always want to impress. They are also busy people; and need people to manage their properties, so being a property manager is a great idea to start a small business in easily.

Property managers need to be people people; and be attentive to the smaller details as their clients will like things to be a certain way in their properties; and each can be different. Property managers can initially start their business from their own home office; and later move to a commercial premises for their growing business.

Property managers are the primary contact for tenants as well; and will need to be good at conflict management for any tricky situations that might arise (lets hope not!).

10. Take professional Photographs

A photo tells a thousand words they say

A professionally taken photograph is worth every cent, and as a professional photographer you will need some technique and skill to start a small business for this idea. They will also need a high quality camera. If you have the skills, the barrier to setting up a business as a professional photographer is low. Advertise your business by putting yourself out there, get your first clients, and go take some photos.

Photographers will want to get approval to use their work to showcase for future work; so make sure you ask previous clients if they mind being added to your portfolio of work.