You may have of already heard of email marketing… or even the term EDM (Electronic Direct Marketing).

Maybe your small business has already taken its first steps, or has searched around the internet a little on the topic.

Email marketing is the practise of running an email campaign to a database of email contacts for educational, promotional (sales) or informative purposes. It’s a great way to remain in touch with your existing customer base and also create new potential leads for sales. Sound interesting?

Where will I find the time…

Now I know what your thinking. I am so busy running my business that I don’t have time to set-up and learn email marketing.

Well, it is easier than you think.

Software offer automation solutions to help you with managing your time. The automation can be as simple as an auto-reply for people whom join your lists or even a whole campaign its self, its each step being delayed until a trigger or certain date.

Email marketing is a great addition to branding and marketing for your company, to learn more play the video below:

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