A company check is an important factor in deciding which local tradesman business to hire.

When hiring a local tradesman business from an online directory, how can you know that they can be trusted? It’s an age old question. And one that can be easily fooled with fake testimonials, cheat ratings or even reviews made by the company themselves!

The first check should be to see if the company has an Australian Business Number (ABN). An ABN can be easily verified, as this number is public and easily accessed.

A local tradesman business, whether a builder, plumber or electrician; on Search a Tradie all need to supply an ABN to be successfully added to our database of tradesmen.

Before any company is added to Search a Tradie, we check the company details to match those of the ABN number. A 100% check to know that the local tradesman business listed is real. If they’re different or confusing, we don’t add! We don’t want to confuse our customers trying to find a tradie.

An ABN check allows people who search on Search a Tradie to easily verify the local business instantly. Customers can click on the ABN and be taken to abr.business.gov.au (official website for ABN checks). From there they can verify for themselves and check company name, listed address, phone and more. Most ABN’s will even have a individuals name listed against it, as most are sole trader businesses.

Next time you are hiring a tradie from an online directory, do your homework. It only takes a minute and can make all the difference. There are other checks you can perform too, however if the company isn;t listing an ABN, why would you risk hiring them.

Check out a local tradesman business today on Search a Tradie and look for the ABN verified badge of approval… and hire with ease knowing they are verified.