Do you have a local business? Read on for some helpful, practical tips to be found online.

Your visibility on the internet for your business is an important aspect of your potential reach when trying to generate customer leads for your business. What ever your service or product may be that you offer, if people can’t find you on the internet, than your business is as good as dead.

That’s why business directory websites are of huge benefit. Adding your local business to directories like Search a Tradie is an easy way to increase that online presence. They allow your business name to be found and recognised all over the internet (Google), not just on your website. The internet works like a spiders web. Think of your business as the spider, a weird analogy if you will! However, the more ‘branches’ to the spiders web existing (directory listings links) the more places the spider can reach, to get food (customers). Following? This is the basis of computer networks and is why social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc are hugely popular as well.

Search A Tradie is based around this idea, and allows local businesses to list in it’s directory for free. Google and major search engines alike will read your local business listing on Search A Tradie and add it as a link in Google. Then when you search for your local business in Google, more relevant results will appear as there will be more ‘branches’ added to your business reach (remember the spiders web analogy?).

To list on Search A Tradie follow the link below:

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